Covid-19Posted on 31.03.2020

We’ve moved to contact-free delivery

We’ve introduced contact-free delivery on all orders to help protect the health and safety of everyone in our network. Cash payments can still be taken should you wish to accept them.

Customers may add additional notes for the delivery drivers via the customer comment box at checkout on the Just Eat platform. So please ensure that your drivers check the customer comments on every order for any special requests or delivery instructions.

In order for orders to be delivered contact-free, we suggest that drivers:

1. Leave the food outside the customer’s front door (or customer’s own flat door if in a multi-property building) and either call the customer or ring the doorbell
2. Step back and wait for the food to be collected
3. If the doorbell is not answered, call to let the customer know the delivery has arrived.

We've also created a video guide on how your business can complete contact-free deliveries to support everyone in staying safe during the Covid-19 situation.

Cash payments can still be taken. Customers may still pay by cash. While it’s not possible to ensure a 100% contact-free cash payment,  we have requested that they minimises contact by using an envelope (or similar) to make the monetary exchange with your delivery driver, keeping the government-recommended distance

If anything is unclear, please always call the customer to clarify. Please note that if an order contains alcohol the delivery driver will still need to check ID. Customers with alcohol in their order have been asked to have their ID ready to - at a distance - show delivery driver verification of their age. 

You’ll find more information on contact-free delivery and answers to frequently asked questions here.