Covid-19Posted on 03.04.2020

Your delivery drivers and police road checks

The government has placed food industry workers on its list of essential workers, and that includes your delivery drivers. 

We know the police are running traffic stop operations in a number of areas to check the purpose of people’s journeys.

Currently no documentation is required to be shown to prove that the driver provides food delivery services, but the police should allow food delivery drivers to continue on their way.

In order to help deliveries to be made on time and to provide proof to the police we suggest that your drivers bookmark this page on their phone or another connected device to show to the Police if stopped whilst out on delivery. 


The couriers and delivery drivers who are delivering food ordered on the Just Eat platform fall under the category of "work that is critical to the COVID-19 response" according to the government. This includes those involved in food production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery.