Health & EnvironmentPosted on 20.04.2020

Build customer confidence in your approach to allergens

The Food Standards Agency have recently published the results of some new customer research, to help provide data and insight for their food allergy campaigns and activity.

They clearly show that providing good allergen information improves customers’ confidence when deciding which restaurant to order from. 

The research came up with 5 key findings:

1. People with allergies value staff that are knowledgeable about their menu. They are reassured when you show interest and expertise when talking about allergens.
2. Staff who offer information and invite customers to discuss their allergy requirements, right at the start when taking orders, make customers feel confident.
3. Customers feel that there is a big risk to the credibility of your business if you offer allergen information but cannot provide it effectively and reliably in practice.
4. Customers appreciate having a reference for them to look at (e.g. recipe cards, ingredient labels, etc) if possible.
5. An enjoyable and successful ‘eating’ experience with you makes people with allergies much more likely to return, or recommend you to others with food allergies or intolerances.

You can find more resources about allergens here