Performance & TechnologyPosted on 06.04.2020

Easter holiday preparations

Everyone is going to be at home this Easter and you could have a bigger than usual part to play in helping it to be a happy occasion this year. 

Restaurant Partners who have remained open during the current crisis have seen order values rise by about 30% on average, so the holiday weekend could be a great opportunity to bring in more high value orders. 

We’ve seen a trend for customers ordering earlier since lockdowns started. If you are running late, let customers know. You can do this right from your Orderpad.  

Quick wins when things get busy 

Try not to add time to orders once they’re in, or reject orders, as this may affect your Performance Score. 

Consider reducing your delivery area by 0.5 mile.
This will give your drivers a faster turnaround time so they can get back to the restaurant more quickly. But you should only do this at times when you’re very busy.

Go offline, temporarily
It’s always much better to manage customer expectations by going offline through Partner Centre than by adding time to their live orders.

Show up-to-date opening hours
1. On Partner Centre, go to ‘Your restaurant’
2. Click on ‘Opening hours’
3. Click ‘Edit’ at the top right hand side. This will show all your options.
4. When you’re happy, click ‘Save’
5. Check all your changes before you sign out, and remember to go back and log in to change your days after the holidays.

We hope you’re able to make the Easter holidays a success for your business. Your hard work in this difficult period is appreciated by everyone. 

Thank you and good luck. Above all, stay safe.