Performance & TechnologyPosted on 09.03.2020

Get the best out of your delivery drivers

Your drivers represent your restaurant so help them deliver the best customer experience possible by using the checklist below.Check it out and share with your drivers as soon as possible:


  • Always remove your helmet or any piece of clothing that covers your face before entering restaurants and before ringing customers’ doorbells.
  • Treat customers and restaurant team members with respect — be polite and professional at all times.
  • Drive safely at all times and stick to speed limits and traffic regulations.
  • Always wear your helmet when you’re riding.
  • If you’re having problems with a delivery, make sure you’re parked safely before contacting your restaurant to let them know.
  • Only park in permitted areas.
  • Always ask to see ID if you’re delivering alcohol and you’re not sure of a customer’s age.
  • Always dispose of customer receipts carefully: they contain sensitive customer details that should be protected.


  • Never be abusive to customers or members of the public, both in-store and during delivery, for any reason.
  • Never contact customers for any personal reason.
  • Never park motorcycles inside restaurants or restricted areas.
  • Never enter customers’ houses, even if invited.
  • Never touch food products directly – keep them in the delivery bag.
  • Never behave antisocially near restaurants or customers’ homes.

Best practice makes perfect 👍

  • Use your Orderpad’s On Its Way button to let customers know their takeaway is coming.
  • Check the customer’s name on the order and confirm that all ordered items are present before handing over the bag.
  • Carry hot food in a heat retention bag and put cold dishes in another bag. 
  • If you’re having problems with a delivery, make sure you’re parked safely before contacting your restaurant to let them know.

Keep steering them in the right direction

It’s important for your business that your drivers follow the best practice points detailed above. If they don’t, it could lead to bad publicity which could potentially damage the reputation of your restaurant. It could even lead to prosecution or fines in the case of data not been disposed of properly.

As with any other compliance issues Just Eat would have to take appropriate action which may include taking your restaurant offline while we investigate.

But we don’t need to let anything like this happen. Because by working together and communicating with one another we can all maintain the great standards that our customers love us for.