Performance & TechnologyPosted on 23.04.2020

We’ll let customers know when you’re very busy

We’re aware that some Restaurant Partners have been experiencing unusually high demand at times recently and felt the need to cancel orders, not accept orders on time, or been late with deliveries. This is entirely understandable in these difficult circumstances.

So, to help ease the pressure on you when you’re experiencing high order volumes, we have created a banner which will pop up on your menu header. It will let customers know that their deliveries may take a little longer than usual due to your food being very popular at this time.  

The message will only appear when your restaurant is very busy and frequently adding time to orders. It will automatically be removed when you are a little less busy with Just Eat orders.

Here is what customers will see.

Our initial trials show that there is no noticeable change in customer orders when the banner is displayed. But we’ve designed it simply to help manage your customers’ expectations, and hopefully make your life a little easier.