How can you opt in to StampCards?

  1. Simply log into Partner Center. Find the “Offers” section and select “StampCards”
  2. Review the program details
  3. Review and agree to the terms and condition
  4. That’s it, you’re signed up with StampCards

How many times does a customer need to order from you to receive the discount?

A customer will need to order from your restaurant 5 times, and for each order, they will collect a reward stamp

Once a customer has collected 5 stamps they will earn a discount on their 6th order from the same restaurant they have placed their previous orders - your restaurant.

How can I opt out of StampCards?

You need to be opted into the program for two months before you can give a 30 day notice period to opt out. Once you give notice this advises customers that you are opting out and they have 30 days to redeem their StampCards with your restaurant. 
After opting out:

  1. No new customers will be eligible to earn stamps
  2. Any existing StampCards with 4 stamps or less will become void and unredeemable
  3. Existing customers with a discount will be able to redeem the discount within 90 days of the discount being rewarded, but they will NOT be able to start again.

What happens to the partially completed loyalty cards?

Once you have opted out, all partially completed cards with 4 stamps or less are ‘cancelled’ and the accrued credits lost. 

How is StampCards positioned alongside other restaurant funded offers, Promoted Placement, etc…?

We will display StampCards for participating restaurants on search results.  We also plan to display multiple offers for a restaurant on the search results and menu.  

Do I need to enter any unique loyalty codes to set up the discount? 

No, the StampCards discount will automatically apply to the customer’s basket once they’ve ordered 5 times from the same restaurant.  

Will I be able to see the upcoming discounts I’m due to fund?

Not just yet, but we are working on it, and will let you know when you can see it.

Is there a time limit on StampCards? How long are they valid?

Each stamp is valid for 12 months, so a customer must collect the 5th stamp within 12 months of the first. If they pass that date, then the first stamp expires and they will need to collect an additional stamp to complete the card.

Is there a limit to how many customers a restaurant can issue loyalty stamps too?

No, all customers who place an order will be awarded stamps.

How will we market to customers to let them know about Stampcards?

We will email customers as well as using push notifications and ads on the app and website to make them aware of the offer.  We will also let customers know when they have filled up their Stampcard and when they are ready to claim.

Where can I Find the terms for StampCards?

Full terms can be found here.

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